Magistrate Carolyn S. Foley



MAGISTRATE CAROLYN S. FOLEY earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice & Sociology from Indiana University-Bloomington in 1989.  In 1992, she graduated from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis and became a deputy prosecuting attorney for the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney of Allen County in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  During this time, she prosecuted a wide variety of cases, from child support to child molestations to homicides.  In 1999, she became Allen County’s Chief Juvenile Probation Officer, overseeing a large probation and detention staff and serving as a part-time hearing officer for the court.  In 2003, Carolyn was named Chief Counsel-Civil Division at the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, where she prosecuted child support, misdemeanor and juvenile cases and mentored young deputy prosecuting attorneys.  In 2008, she was appointed as a Judicial Referee for the Allen Superior Court, Family Relations Division in Fort Wayne.  In 2013, Carolyn was sworn in as a Magistrate for Allen Superior Court, Family Relations Division.  In 2016, Carolyn returned to the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, handling felony cases in both Circuit and Superior Courts.  In 2018, Carolyn was once again sworn in as a Magistrate for Allen Superior Court, Family Relations Division.